Friday, 24 June 2011

Shop Till You Drop

Sitting for so long at the sewing machine recently has left me pondering on the deeper questions of life – like this one…

Why do my friends in the States seem to have many shops with names which are ‘reduplications’ [ie two very similar rhyming words] ??

Like Hobby Lobby

hobby lobby

and Piggly Wiggly


I confess that I would love to visit either of these shops!!

We don’t really have anything similar here – although I do have friends who refer to the discount supermarket as Lidl-Diddle


and of course many of us shop in Marks and Sparks


…but they are nicknames.

Can anyone think of a British Store whose name is a reduplication?


  1. Used to be a department store in Shrewsbury (and elsewhere I think) called Owen Owen. That was more than 20 years ago. Also, what about Jean Jeanie? Is that chain in Britain or Canada?

  2. We have the nicknames, too. Neiman Marcus is called Needless Markup. You'll have me watching for others now! LOL You'd love Hobby Lobby; it's heaven for crafters. Huge. ~Liz

  3. Ha ha ha! I DO love Hobby Lobby, but I've always thought the name was a stretch! We have way too many places to shop here.

  4. Can't think of any here (Canada) either.
    Jane x

  5. I'd completely forgotten Owen Owen [they had a branch in Coventry too - but were bought out a few years back] and Jean Jeanie [or is it Genie?]
    I like the Needless Markup nickname though!


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