Saturday, 18 June 2011

Daisy, Daisy…

mrs fyttonWhen I posted about my Mavis Cheek book recently,  Jean contacted me and said she likes MC and would happily buy the book from me. It only cost me 12½p from the Scouts, so I said she could have it. Off it went, in a jiffy bag.

In return, Jean has sent me the postage, a pretty card, and a lovely pair of sparkly, dangly, daisy ear-rings. [I am wearing more long, dangly ones since I had my hair cut short]


Do check out Jean’s gorgeous beading blog, called “A Box Of Beads”

She has made some really beautiful pieces – and I love the way she reworks vintage beads from charity shop necklaces.

Thank you Jean – I do hope you enjoy the book!


  1. Those beads look just like luscious cherries- rush out and get some to eat with your earrings in! And get Bob to take a picture!

  2. Pretty! The earrings really are wonderful!


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