Tuesday, 14 June 2011

She’s Right, You Know!


union flag

Eagle-eyed Helen has suggested that the broad white bands on the Boden flag-scarf are incorrect. She is absolutely right – the correct placing of the bands is shown on the lower Union Jack. [check it out here] However, I shall not be sending it back with a letter of complaint!

Before you all comment that it is only a Jack when flown on board ship, may I refer you to the Admiralty Circular of 1902, when their Lordships declared that either name, Union Jack or Union Flag, could be used. and then in 1908, Parliament declared the Union Jack to be the National Flag.

I would have asked the new Lord High Admiral of the Navy to comment, but he and his wife are busy with the horses this week!

hm&hrh at ascot

The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge are not in attendance- she has a well-publicised allergy to equines [wonder how she is with felines?] Ooh! let’s have a favourite film clip [just for Steph, now back safely from the rather muddy Isle of Wight festival] – just remember, long before we had Philip Treacey’s bizarre millinery, we had Cecil Beaton

that’s not how you spell Ascot!

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  1. My pedantry comes from teaching Guides the "correct" way to draw the Union flag (for their Traditions of Guiding badge) - it's much harder than you think!


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