Friday, 17 June 2011

Suits You, Sir!

30daysofcreativityI was doing supply with some lovely, lively, Year 4s – and our task was to make some Fathers’ Day Cards. I worked out a fairly simple design using a folded sheet of coloured A4 card with an insert of white paper for shirt and collar- with tie and pocket handkerchief. The class worked extremely hard – here are some of their efforts

 fathers' day cards collage

I used some ClipArt from Martha Stewart to produce coupons, and each child clipped a coupon inside their finished card. I do hope the Dads, Grandads and StepDads appreciate all this hard work.


Let me know if you want the instruction sheet!


  1. Oh these are fabulous- you are a very encouraging example of supply teacher!

  2. WOW!You are such an imaginative person! I'm sure children and fathers/grandfathers will love these!
    Jane x


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