Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mad As A Hatter!

If I ever get a CBE [very unlikely] I don’t think I shall risk wearing a hat by Phillip Treacey when I go to the Palace. I don’t know if HM watches The Simpsons [perhaps she thinks it is a historical drama about the family of her unmentionable American aunt] – but last week when she conferred the honour on designer Katherine Hamnett, she must have thought she’d got Sideshow Bob standing in front of her!









hamnett hat

The Queen, as usual, was unfazed by the hat [well, she is used to seeing her grand-daughters in odd headgear after all!]

Speaking after receiving the award [for services to fashion], 63-year-old Ms Hamnett urged the world’s major cotton growers to go organic.

She said cultivating it without pesticides was better for farmers, the land and the environment generally.

‘Consumers want organic cotton but the industry is taking a long while to catch up with demand,’ she said.

sideshow bob‘More important than the fashion is the ethical side of the business. It’s good to get something like this, but I do feel like I’ve been a bit of an Old Testament prophet preaching in the wilderness’

Exactly which OT prophet went round dressed like that, do you think?

IF Blogger will let you post a comment, do let me know your thoughts on this one!


  1. I cant believe that the previous comment got through, as am still having ridiculous problems with Blogger.
    What an appalling hat, may I say. I'm sure you would never wear such an item, Ang.

  2. I think the hat looks totally ridiculous and it is quite invasive. Poor HM looks as if she nearly had her eye out with it. Still that is my humble opinion and I'm sure the fashion police out there will have their own !!

  3. of Delilah's (scissorhands)old boyfriends?
    Had to snort at the quote "more the ethical side'. She's wearing a dead umbrella bird on her head!!!!!
    Jane x

  4. Yikes! Weird. I try to get my mind around causes and the order of priority. I wish we weren't so greedy, but I'm not always as simple as I think I am.

  5. 'Yikes' just about sums up my reaction too! Best argument in favour of hereditary monarchy as you'd never find a paid president willing to put up with risk of having eye put out by visitor's headgear!

  6. I think she is right about being like an OT prophet - people didn't want to hear what they had to hear. And I don't think she is right about people wanting organic cotton what most folk want is cheap and organic is more expensive. M&S tried it a couple of years ago - I've not seen much around since!
    The industry knows what sells!

  7. Oh, I think Jeremiah would wear that hat, don't you? It is so outrageously awful as to be absolutely fabulous!


  8. I did try to comment previously...

    Is she trying to make the Queen sneeze?!


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