Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I Know You – YOU Are The Bare LADY!

That’s what a parent said to me at the school fete on Saturday! Initially I didn’t understand- was she confusing me with Dita Von Teese, or another burlesque ecdysiast? The other people at my stall gave her strange looks too – they were obviously baffled as well.

dita von teese

It transpired that she had seen the mini sweatshirts I had made for the Year Six pupils – and I was the BEAR Lady! [it just shows how stressing the wrong word in a sentence completely changes the sense of it all]


I’m glad we got that sorted out, before my reputation is thoroughly ruined. It would be the end of Supply Teaching and Lay Preaching!


  1. Love those bears . Glad you cleared the mix up .
    We had open gardens at the weekend . Mine received good comments

  2. I can see the headlines now..........!!

  3. How many days per week do you teach, Angela? It seems like you've been going in almost every day.

  4. I bet your mind was whirring for a few moments!!Very funny.
    Jane x

  5. Cottonreel - sorry I missed your open garden, I was so tired on Sunday afternon
    Glad you all were amused by the pun.

    PomPom - to meet my budget, I need to teach 1½ days a week. But last week I ended up with twice that [in bits and pieces over 5 days] but after today I have nothing else booked for 3 weeks! But the ord will provide, I am sure.

  6. How amusing. Its funny how emphasis on some words can amount to meaning something else. Thank goodness for you - Bear Lady :)

  7. hello angela. can you tell me where you got the pattern for the teddy jumpers from? I would love to do the same for my daughter on a yearly basis! Loving the blog. God Bless You
    Hales xx

  8. Hales, I made up the pattern myself.
    I will pop over to your blog and send details.


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