Saturday, 25 June 2011

What Will Become Of Me Now, I Wonder?

aliceI can’t imagine what I should do

Is this a magical spell I’m under?

Things keep happening that hardly seem true

[more Out Of The Ark/Alice here]

Making the Alice dresses were easy compared to the MH jacket. I used a New Look pattern from 1992 – previously used for Liz and Steph [and used here], and a vintage Simplicity apron pattern given to me by a church member [costing only 3 shillings originally]



I had to make two dresses- the girls playing Alice are quite different sizes.

When I took them in for a fitting on Friday the girls were incredibly appreciative. “I hadn’t realised they’d be this good – I really feel like Alice now. Thank you so much!” one girl said.

When school children are that polite, I am really happy to be involved in the costume making.

 Two useful tips

  1. Don’t bother with zips – a 6” opening at the back plus button and loop fastening is quicker and cheaper – and easier to adjust if used another year.
  2. Iron your pattern pieces before AND after use – they will fit back into the envelope so much better! I forgot last time



5 days and counting…

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  1. How precious! Love that old apron pattern. Reminds me of all the sewing my mother used to do for us when we were kids. She should have kept all those old Simplicity patterns. ~Liz


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