Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Getting Through The Paperwork


Nobody said that there was a requirement to actually finish a creative project each day did they? Just work on something creative. So here is a bit of a teaser about a current Work In Progress.

It will be completed in June, I am sure!


This is part of an on-going project for the Leaving Year at the lovely school where I do most of my supply work.

You will notice that this has involved some machine stitching through paper.

IMPORTANT TIP Remember to change the needle in your machine! Paper blunts needles very quickly.


I keep a needle specially for this purpose. It is a tough ‘jeans weight’ machine needle. They have their shafts painted blue, so you don’t confuse them with regular needles. But my ‘paper’ needle has an extra coating – of sparkly nail polish! It normally lives in the case with the other ‘jeans’ ones, but is easy to distinguish.

When I am doing a lot of swapping about, I keep it securely fixed in this cork. Watch this space to see the progress of this particular craft…

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  1. It is amazing how quickly paper will blunt needles, and scissors as well.Good idea to keep a special needle.


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