Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blag On The Blog

definition – to blag ; to obtain by wheedling or cadging [e.g. she blagged free tickets from her mate]

Here’s our ‘Blag of the Week’


This banner was fixed to the fence of one of the car dealerships near B&Q on Monday – so Bob went in and asked if they wanted it. The event was over 3 weeks ago, after all. He explained we could use it to make a banner for our Holiday Club this summer. It’s for the children…

The guy said he’d need to ring his friend, from the Wedding Show company. The person on the other end said they had intended to come and collect it. The guy in the showroom took Bob’s phone and said something to his friend [no idea what, it was in Urdu, Bob thinks] and then he said Bob could have it after all! It measures 950cm x 2000cm. These cost around £40 or more. We shall be able to take our time and produce this year’s banner for much less.


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