Monday, 5 March 2012

Should I Be Worried?

Children who snore, or who have other night-time breathing conditions, are at risk from behavioural problems, according to a study published in the US Journal ‘Pediatrics’. Sleep apnoea and snoring made conditions such as hyperactivity more likely later on, researchers said. They studied 11000 children living in the UK.

steph asleep

Neither Steph** nor Liz snored as children – so that aspect of the research doesn’t concern me.  But my question is this –

If someone develops serious snoring issues and sleep apnoea in their forties, will they develop hyperactivity and behavioural problems in their fifties?


I would stress that the person concerned no longer suffers from sleep apnoea [thanks to Dr Chris Hanning and the Leicester Hospital’s Sleep Unit] and also significant weight loss has meant the snoring is almost non–existent.

But are these 7am runs round the village indicative of the Pastor developing hyperactivity do you think?

**this is the only picture I can find of a family member asleep –the Sleeping Beauty waiting for her Prince Charming?


  1. Steph is beautiful even in her sleep!
    Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane- and best wishes on your wedding anniversary

  2. Hmmm ... 7 a.m. runs? What besides hyperactivity would explain it? That's the only thing that would get me out of bed for a run!


    1. I think I would agree with you there. I prefer to run after noon.

  3. Oh dear, Ang!
    There are snoring issues in my house, but very little evidence of behavioural problems...yet!

    1. You just wait till you come back to the UK to live!!

  4. my daughter and granddaughter snore/d and this was to do with adenoids,and ear problems.neither had behavioral problems.

  5. Gulp!
    There's hope for me yet then! Hyperactivity in my sixties here I come!

    Sandie xx

  6. I've always snored and I'm not hyper. Darren has sleep apnea and has used a cpap machine for several years - he isn't hyper most of the time, but I will await developments with interest.


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