Friday 30 March 2012

Post Haste

Just a reminder to my blogfriends in Britain – as from 30th April, the cost of stamps is rising by 14p each - from 36p to 50p for 2nd class, and 46p to 60p for 1st class [I rarely use 1st class if at all possible]


However, it is worth remembering that you can buy the stamps now at the lower price and they have no ‘use by’ date.

I’m certainly planning to stock up [having used all my existing stamps on those Lent Postcards!]

m-z stamps

Shown above is the next set of commemoratives being issued by Royal Mail. they are coming out on April 10th [my birthday!] They represent locations round Britain with initials M-Z [more details here]

The locations are Manchester Town Hall, Narrow Water Castle, Old Bailey, Portmeirion, The Queens College Oxford, Roman Bath, Stirling Castle, Tyne Bridge, Urquhart Castle, Victoria and Albert Museum, White Cliffs of Dover, Station X Bletchley Park, York Minster and ZSL London Zoo

The places in red are ones we have visited on holiday – and the blue ones are because Bob studied at Queens, Mum worked at BP, and Bob Liz and Steph were all born in Kent. Maybe I should stock up on a few First Class ones as well as a larger stash of 2nds.

Are any of these locations special for you?

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  1. Ooh - Station X Bletchley Park. Conjures up images of Alan Turing and Enigma and all that exciting code-breaking stuff, with crossword-puzzle addicts being conscripted into His Majesty's cryptography service.

    Alas, the only one of these locations I've visited (so far) is the V&A, although I've taken a picture of Lady Justice and the Old Bailey from one of the galleries of St. Paul's. I'm determined to get to Bath and York and Oxford someday, deo volente.


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