Friday, 9 March 2012

History, Ancient History, And Pre-history

Lots of displays have gone up in school this week, and the walls are looking good. Which is important as we have a lot of visitors expected over the next few weeks, and we want to give a good impression!

A display about the Queen’s Jubilee, including pictures of her visit to Leicester yesterday brighten up the entrance. I was given a bunch of tulips by a friend yesterday- wrapped in Union Jack cellophane – apparently all the local florists were doing that as people wanted to present HM with flowers. I carefully removed my tulips, and put a spray of red silk flowers into the wrapper for the display. The children are fascinated by the 1952/2012 stuff on the table – particularly the typewriter. Just don’t tell them the little duck is from 1982! He is a representative of wooden toys as opposed to plastic battery-operated playthings.


The Chinese stuff – the terracotta warriors, and the Chinese fans made by the top class. The fans looked a little uninspiring on their own, so some of my ‘Chinese New Year’ box in the loft was raided to add a little more colour


Finally my colleague’s Dinosaur World. She has done some brilliant displays and the children in her class have worked so hard on this topic. But she said she needed to make some big leaves for her jungle. I can help with that! I said, and lent her some of the palm fronds from that tree. I love the way she’s made cardboard ‘trunks’ for them, don’t you?



  1. The jubilee display is a great idea.I think everyone is getting really excited about it.Our village are having a fete and gala over the bank holiday weekend for the jubilee with the silver band playing too.I am on the look out for union jack bunting to hang on our fencing!

  2. Check out Baker Ross [] for an excellent range of Jubilee stuff


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