Monday, 19 March 2012

Laundry Lament

levi button fly jeans



intelligence is…

checking the pockets of your jeans* for tissues and such…

before putting them into the machine


tissuehappiness is…

discovering there is not only a tissue…

but nestling in its crumpled folds there is also a coin

coinsdisappointment is…

realising it is not £1 …

but merely 1p

washercontentment is…

knowing that the 99p difference doesn’t matter…

and having clothes to wear and a machine to wash them in makes me a rich woman, compared to most of the world.

*these are not my legs! I wanted a picture of some button-fly Levi’s and this came up in my search. I love those tan shoes though!


It is, I understand, ‘on-trend’ for older women to wear NYDJ [Not Your Daughter’s Jeans]

I am proud to announce that since I’ve lost weight, I do not follow this trend. I wear MDDJ[My Daughters’ Discarded Jeans] – which is why I have been spotted round the village in button fly Levi’s, and also in Calvin Klein's!

Anyway, the legs on both these models are at least twelve inches longer than mine.


  1. I also wear My Daughter's Discarded Jeans - aswell as some rather nice ones from Next( via a charity shop of course!)I love my superskinny ones the most though, and soon it will be time to get my pumps out again. Then I'll be able to don my 'uniform' which takes me through Spring and most of the Summer - skinny jeans, t-shirt, long cardi and pumps.

  2. Life is much like your laundry lament. It put a smile on my face. We have so much to be thankful for....

  3. It is difficult to iron scrunched up tissues in pockets isn't it!
    Jane x

  4. Hey, hey! Wonderful that you're wearing your daughter's discarded jeans. You must really be a hip-mama!

  5. I often seem to wash tissues in pockets of jeans and trousers!

  6. I am NOT intelligent. I frequently speckle entire loads of laundry with annoying bits of tissue (from my own pockets - I can't even blame my husband).

    I also do not have legs that are eight feet long.

    But I am rich, like you, in having clothes to wear and a machine to was them in. :)


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