Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bowled Over!

On Monday morning, I was tidying up a basket of sewing bits, and found an envelope with a twenty pound note in it. I had mislaid it months ago [yes, I know, if only I had tidied that basket sooner…] So in the afternoon I treated Bob to a coffee and cake – and then I treated myself to some basins in The Range [I spent lots of time in there, but very little money – meanwhile Bob was round the corner blagging his banner from the car showrooms]


They were just 79p each and looked to be the just right size for individual suet puddings.

The other night, I took the last of the roast chicken, a sliced leek, and a slice of ham [chopped] I heated them through in a little oil, and stirred in half a cup of leftover soup.

That made enough filling for the two bowls. Then I got my big bag of Approved Foods Suet Mix, [which I store neatly inside a large plastic airtight cereal container] and made up enough dough for two discs.

I decided that suet crust pastry is very tasty – but also high in carbs, so I only wanted lids for my pies, I didn’t want to line the little bowls completely. The lip round the edge is ideal for holding the string in place.



Two [pleated] circles of greaseproof were tied securely on top, and I microwaved the puddings on medium high for 6mins 30 seconds.DSCF3362

With some mashed potato,  cabbage and gravy, it proved to be very filling ‘comfort food’. Cooking it in the microwave worked well, and saved time and energy. Delicious and thrifty!


  1. My last suet puddings were huge because I made the pastry too thick, but yours look perfect - love Froogs

    1. I found that 100g of suet mix plus 50ml water was about the right proportion to make two pudding tops. But next time I shall try 40/80 and make them a little thinner.

  2. That looks really tasty (and filling)!!

    Sue xx

  3. I have no idea what is in suet mix. Can you tell me? Your little pot pies sound delicious! What kind of a cake did you buy for Bob? (It's always nice to pop over here and learn something, good teacher!)

  4. Sounds gorgeous,suet pastry is lovely but just as well you only did the lids, it is very calorific!


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