Thursday, 1 March 2012

Blessings From The Blogosphere

Having read my post about the Sewing Club project for the EcoHouse, my good blogfriend Sandie emailed me from her patch [which is about 3 miles up the road]to offer me some more fabric. I zipped over there at midday and saw her, and her sister Rita – and we had a natter over a cuppa. I came home with a huge bag of stuff


PrintYes, there are two jars nestling among all the bits and pieces of fabric – one is Mirabelle plum jam, and the other is apple mint jelly. They are for Bob and me – not for Sewing Club or the EcoHouse. Thanks Sandie!

Sandie’s preserves are always delicious.

She’s an incredibly generous lady and I know that we will find a use for these bits.

Tomorrow she is hoping to go to the Malvern Showground for the Creative Crafts Show.

I do hope her aching shoulder is better by then and that she has a really good day. I look forward to reading the report on her blog.

I love blogging – you make such good friends and meet such kind people.

The sun is shining and the sky is blue- I had better go and hang out my washing…


  1. I hung washing out today and it has not rained yet! Must go and bring it in now! You are very right about the blogosphere, as about all things!

  2. I'm making marmalade at the moment - I have a blister on my palm from chopping all those oranges into thin strips!Will let you know how it turns out but there really is nothing like the taste of homemade!

  3. Nice to see you again too Angela!
    I hope you got your washing dried!

    Sandie xx


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