Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Venerable Beads

Everyone seems to be revamping their necklaces with lengths of ribbon at the minute. Anthropologie sell hideously expensive ones, and many blogs and websites are offering tutorials [Such as Marthsa Stewart here and Disney at Ruffles and Stuff]

necklace on ribbon

This morning, on a sudden whim, I took three very different, long strings of beads, plus two lengths of pretty multi-coloured ribbon, and tied them together.


I wore them over a plain black polo neck sweater, with my grey jacket, and was pleased with the effect.

Even more pleased to receive so many compliments on the necklace when I was at school. Trinny and Susannah always say “Do not wear one necklace when you could wear three or four – that will really make a statement” and this is an easy and thrifty way to do that.


  1. Angela,do not ever wear that (rather lovely in my view) near my cats..they will be swinging from your neck in their attempts to chomp the ribbons!
    Jane x

  2. I love your necklace! Time to open an Etsy shop?


  3. What a great idea! Just found some old bead necklaces so might give this a go!

  4. Very beautiful necklaces, too much style.

  5. That's so pretty - no wonder you received lots of compliments.

  6. I like yours more than the other examples! I shall try this - my dad gave my mum some lovely jade beads that she seldom wore, and now I seldom wear them, either... I think this could be a good way of making them work!

  7. Floss, I think your colouring would really suit jade beads - I am sure you can find some appropriate ribbon to set them off!

  8. What great results! I love it when little things like that make such a difference. It gives you a lift for the whole day.


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