Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Woman With Drive

Following last Monday’s post, showing Bob’s hard work…DSCF0108

…it was lovely to receive a comment from my good friend Barbara Y. in Norfolk recommending this product [she and I were in Girls’ Brigade together back in the 60s]

patio magic

She said “You really ought to try Patio Magic available from Wilkinson's and other places. There is one you just sprinkle on from a watering can and it really is magic at stopping the moss etc coming back on paving and concrete.”

So when we were in B&Q on Monday, we picked some up. Couldn’t find the watering can [is it at Cornerstones?] so I used the pressure sprayer instead.


Here’s me, halfway through treating the drive.

Two comments- first, the Hunter Wellies were a gift from my beloved FIL, about 25 years ago – and they are still going strong [it was clearly worth buying a quality product!]

And second, I am doing this because Bob was busy Pole Dancing. There will be further explanations of this later!


  1. i must get some of this too x

  2. Sounds like a front page header from the News of the World or that ilk of paper.....

    "Pole Dancing Pastor" makes wife clean driveway! LOL!

    Can't wait...spill the beans now!

    Sandie xx

  3. I should hope there will be further explanations!
    Jane x

  4. Not only further explanations, but also pictures!


  5. Pole Dancing Explanations will have to wait till next Monday, I think!


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