Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A True Welshman

philip madoc

Philip Madoc, the gifted Welsh actor has just died.

He was great as the detective in ‘A Mind To Kill’ [filmed simultaneously in Welsh and English] He was also on TV in Dr Who, The Fortunes of War, and Manhunt, and took the lead role in “The Life and Times of David Lloyd George”. He was the voice of Brother Cadfael for Radio 4 [I preferred the radio version to the TV series with Derek Jacobi]. A talented linguist, he also appeared in such films as Operation Daybreak, the Quiller Memorandum and The Spy Who Came In From the Cold.

He was an accomplished stage actor too, working with the RSC, and his lovely Welsh lilt was used to great effect in “Under Milkwood” Philip was married for many years to his childhood sweetheart, Ruth [of Hi-de-Hi fame] they divorced in 1981 but remained friends. But perversely, despite his phenomenal catalogue of performances, the thing that most people will remember him for is playing a German U-Boat Captain in Dad’s Army. Thanks, Philip, for bringing a smile to so many faces with this one…


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