Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nice As π !

March 14th – World π Day. Maths geeks everywhere celebrate! Our day is rather complicated and there didn’t seem to be a reasonable time for an evening meal – so I stopped at the chippie in Ratby on the way home at lunchtime and bought pies and chips. Delicious!


DIET- Did I Eat That! says the fridge magnet Chris gave me at Christmas. Well, yes I did!

My weight is currently static – and I think the occasional treat of pie and chips is allowable! The pies are, naturally, Pukka Pies – which are Leicester’s finest.

pukkapie in bed

This is the poster in the chip shop, advertising the pies. It makes me giggle every time I am in there queuing for my food.

What kind of couple sit up in bed, apparently naked, sharing one pie [still in its foil dish] with just one fork?

I mean, they’d get gravy on the sheets! Or is she giving him a playful prod, while saying “this pie will put hairs on your chest!” ?

Pukka Pies – don’t compromise! Have you eaten a π today?


  1. The poster made me laugh..on our wedding night, as we left the evening reception we asked the taxi driver to stop at a fish and chip shop....we had spent all evening chatting to guests/dancing we didn't have time to eat..we were both ravenous. We had pie and chips sitting on the bed in our hotel room...a romantic start to our married life!!
    Jane x

  2. I don't think we ought to enquire too closely into the couple's plans for the pie. Marriage is honourable, and the bed undefiled - until you start eating meat pies in it.

    He could certainly use some hair on his chest.

    I made a chicken pot pie last weekend - I see now I ought to have waited until today.


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