Saturday 31 March 2012

Now And Then– And A Giveaway Very Soon!

Four years ago I began this blog. Here’s my first ever blog picture – a delicious, leisurely breakfast [Bob went out early to buy fresh croissants, I was convalescing after a minor op]


and here is a Saturday breakfast the other week [Bob even bought a newspaper for me – I can’t remember the last time we spent money on a real paper – oh the luxury of crosswords and Sudoku!]


significant changes in our lives

  • Bob is considerably slimmer [as am I] and the “croissants for breakfast” are a rare treat these days!
  • the dining room is a much more attractive shade of cornmeal [thank you Frances for that inspiration!]
  • we have lost Charlie, our lovely collie cross
  • in 2008 I would have laughed if you’d said that four years on, I would be running regularly, or that I’d be a homeowner

significant constants

  • we still love each other as much as ever
  • our girls [and their blokes] remain a source of joy and pride
  • supply teaching remains exhausting but fulfilling [although there is less of it around, and it comes in fits-and-starts]
  • church life continues to thrive and keep us very busy
  • God’s Amazing Grace

I’m now up at 144 followers, and well over twice that many people reading the blog each day. I have new friends all round the world, and I have learned so many things. It is such fun, and I wouldn’t want to give it up, even if it is hard to fit in the time to post to my blog or catch up on reading others.

Giveaway banner

So to celebrate this significant Blog-anniversary, I am planning a giveaway very soon. Due to extreme busy-ness these past few days, I haven’t got it organised yet. I will announce my Blogger-versary cum Easter cum Birthday giveaway next week. So watch this space.


  1. Happy Saturday, Angela. What an inspiring post, with so many positives. It is very difficult for me, too, to find the time to post. Your post is one I look for everyday....

  2. Way to go, Ang!
    I"m thankful for your contribution to my life!

  3. I am watching with bated breath for your giveaway to see what you are offering (bty, count me out as it is a hassle to ship overseas, even if I were to win).

    Have a blessed Palm Sunday; my fav service of the year with the kids and others waving triumphant palms as we process into church.

  4. Congratulations Ang! I'm so glad I'm one of the 144. x

  5. My goodness. What a thing! Like Meggie Mar, I can't much imagine being at the keyboard without you to read! Like Pom Pom you have made a tangible difference to my life. Thank you, dearest, dearest Tracing Rainbows!

  6. Wow! thanks everyone for being SO appreciative. Bless you all xx

  7. Congratulations! (from a comparative blogging baby who only just celebrated one year on the net)

    I do appreciate your cheerful blog, especially the bits which poke gentle fun at poor grammar.

    P.S. Croissants are wonderful for breakfast - especially the chocolate-filled kind. They're a rare treat for us.

  8. can you see picture now on my blog? let me know

    1. Oh yes! There they are- and they are gorgeous!!


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