Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pole, Dancing, And The Pastor

Sorry, the comment last week was never fully explained. We decided we really should put up some curtains at the big patio doors in the kitchen. But we needed a pole – and there was the problem of the concrete lintel and how to fix it securely. Not to mention the cost of curtain fabric.

But I had a bolt of green fabric which Marion gave me last year. So I went off to Wilkinson’s and got a pole. Bob put it up 2 Mondays ago – he was extremely pleased with himself, having fixed it securely despite all the complications, and he found some yellow paint for touching up the wooden support batten. Dancing with glee, almost!


I finally got round to sewing the curtains over the weekend [I had to go out and buy some rufflette tape – would you believe, I had none in my stash?]


Sharp eyes will spot a difference in the print on the wall. For two years, my wartime prints have been either side of the doors in cheap clip frames. [Just visible in left hand picture] Scarlet’s recent post inspired me to improve things. I found a brand new frame in a box in the loft [when and why did I buy that?] and promptly dropped it and it split. Bob mended it and I put both prints in the one frame.


He fixed the pole, fixed the frame, and hung the print - and helped me hang the curtains, as I was teetering around dangerously on my kick-stool!**

I think he has every right to look as smug as he does in the picture above.

Eat Less Bread

- Eat Greens!

Two slogans which fit well with GI Diets!

dalek Kick_Stool**I love my kick-stool – we have had it since 1979, and it is so much more stable than regular kitchen steps.

I had a friend in London who always referred to it as The Dalek!

One day I may repaint it, and replace the shabby 1970’s chocolate brown with a brighter colour.


  1. So glad you revisited this topic--I've been intrigued since the first mention of the pastor, the pole, and the dancing.

    The curtains look great!


  2. ...and I thought we were going to have a post about innovative fund raising!
    Jane x

  3. Glad the mystery of the pole dancing has been cleared up. Concrete lintels were a nightmare to deal with at our old house - no wonder Bob looks happy with himself. The curtains look fab - and so does the picture!

  4. I thought Bob looked smug but didn't want to mention it (until you did). He made a very neat job of it (there's glory for you!)and indeed has a right to look smug.

    I should get that bread poster for my gluten-intolerant sister. She'd love it, especially now that she's on the paleo diet which practically eliminates all grains.

    Wow, that stool does look like a Dalek!


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