Wednesday, 21 March 2012

When The Red, Red Robin…

trunkingBob had loads of white plastic ‘trunking’ in the garage – the stuff you use to enclose cables when you are wiring up PA systems, TVs etc. He uses it a lot, so buys it in bulk as it is cheaper. But it is a pain to store! It comes in 2 metre lengths and it flops all over the place.

DSCF3431Then he realised that he also had a spare length of plastic drainpipe. Being an intelligent and creative bloke, he fixed the pipe to the fence alongside the garage, and it became a useful, accessible trunking store.

At the weekend, we realised that whenever we went out to the garage, a robin appeared!DSCF3434DSCF3435


Judging by the leaves and twigs hanging out of the far end of the pipe, we suspect that there may be a nest in there.

I took this photo with the zoom – I am not getting any closer as I don’t want to disrupt anything!

Bob will not be able to install any cables for a little while, methinks!

Do you have any birds nesting in your garden?

And have they found any unconventional homes?


  1. Oh, this is going to be so exciting!
    (You know I'm clapping my hands and grinning don't you?!)
    Jane x

  2. Fabulous. I think J may have ' Robins' Nest' envy! Not the series with Richard O'Sullivan either! We had blackbirds nest in the tree in the front garden at the old house, but the young were predated by a cat- it was very sad - Mr and Mrs Blackbird fought valiantly but to no avail one evening. Just before we moved last year we had blackbirds build a nest in the ivy which covered the fences in the back garden - these fledged just before we moved - we felt very lucky to have seen them grow and leave the nest before we left the house.I'm looking forward to progress reports on your robins.

  3. We had a blackbird nesting in the garden last year - it was a great excuse not to cut back that bush!


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