Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Matthew 9:16

Jon tells me that this damage is caused by climbing on and off a bicycle saddle! It is just a split, not a hole, so I was able to butt the edges together [sorry, unintentional pun there!]


I have attached a rectangle of denim with Bondaweb and stitched it down with a close zigzag round the edge. It is a piece of new denim [despite the warnings in Matthew] but it was the best colour match I could find in the stash, and it is preshrunk fabric, so I trust it will stay in place and not pull away.


It’s hardly ‘invisible mending’ – but it can’t be seen from the front, or when the wearer is sitting down – and I makes the jeans wearable again. I am very much afraid that there are more pairs like this lurking in the wardrobe at Elephant&Castle, and now I have let myself in for more patch-work this spring!


  1. I always think of that passage too when patching a garment. There's a Bible verse for everything!

    For jeans, I like to put the patch on the inside, butt the torn edges together on the outside, and use a stitch I don't know the name of - perhaps a running zigzag? - back and forth and over and around the tear, to attach it to the patch. If the thread matches well enough, it can be a surprisingly subtle repair. If there are loose white denim filler fibers sticking out of the torn bit, I trim them down and colour the ends with a permanent marker to help them blend in.

    1. Sharpie pens are wonderful for that sort of touch-up aren't they?

  2. Thanks Angela. I'm wearing them right now!


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