Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Syrupy Situations?

I have finally caught up with the finale [finale  with the finally?] of Upstairs Downstairs. I have to record it as it clashes with Homeland, which we both like [Bob leaves UD and Downton for me to watch alone!] I was in school all morning, but when I got home, I sat down after lunch to hem some jeans for a friend [Momma’s Little Baby Loves Shortenin’ Jeans!] and watched Sunday’s U/D.

Despite the relatively positive review in the Guardian, I found it quite sad.

upstairs downstairs agnes and hallam

I still think this is not a patch on the original 1970s – they are trying too hard to include too many ‘issues’

Why does there need to be this rivalry between UD and DA anyway? Can’t I just enjoy both?

Most of the ends were tied up neatly – but enough were left untied to give room for another series. Quite a few ‘sticky endings’ neatly averted – other characters clearly got their come-uppance.

upstairs-downstairs-blanche-pamelaAt last we got rid of the scheming, despicable Lady Persie [who seemed to be the Unity Mitford character] and Blanche has proved herself a thoroughly Good Egg.

upstairs downstairs thackeray

Life was all very exciting downstairs – and Pritchard and Thackeray etc. were kept very busy.

There was one sticky situation that concerned me though [why do I get so fussed about trivia in these programmes?] Mr P was sent out for some Lyle’s Black Treacle.When he eventually returned, the tin he had been clutching [for days] was clearly not Lyle’s brand. Why was this? Lyle’s is the iconic brand, after all.

new blck treacle

I know today’s tins have 454g on the side, not the imperial 1lb – but surely they could have borrowed a vintage tin from that nice Mr Opie at the Museum of Brands and Packaging. Or asked Mr Pritchard to hold his thumb over the weight and the e sign?

I’m hoping [being an incurable romantic] that in the next series Lady Agnes and Sir Hallam do manage to repair the ravages of their relationship. They have both been foolish [he more than she, I feel] but goodness, don’t they know there’s a War on? They need to be working together to get through this!

upstairs downstairs aduke of kent

Blake Ritson did a good job playing the part of The Duke Of Kent, Hallam’s one True Friend throughout all this. I think he had one of the best lines in the whole episode – I may even use it as a sermon illustration sometime.

In school this morning, I took Assembly, and talked about the Queen distributing the Royal Maundy Money, and Jesus, the Servant-King washing the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper.

When the Duke arrives at Eaton Place, he is surprised when Hallam, and not Pritchard, opens the front door. H apologises to the Prince, and explains the servants are occupied having a wedding party downstairs. His Highness replies

“For as long as this war lasts, we are ALL each other’s servants”

which brings to mind what I explained to the children earlier…

This is my command – that you love one another.


  1. I've been enjoying UD as well to, but I've never really got into DA.
    My mum and I have been having lots of conversations on the phone about "naughty Hallam" although I would have liked to have seen Lady P suffer in prison next series and realise what she'd inflicted on others.

  2. I have really enjoyed UD and have been surprised that my kids have been just as eager to watch it. I do hope they do another series. That line struck a chord with me to.

  3. Have been watching UD as well, but don't think it is as good as the original series, which I have also been watching on DVD.


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