Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Thrill Of What You Already Have #3

The Thrill of What You Already Have

The picture posted by Floss this month is a lovely painting of the River Tweed- greens and blues and swirling water. Other people have already been reminded of iridescent glass marbles, and shimmering beads and the beautiful blue/green colours of a treasured Laura Ashley dress.

Me? Well I thought of a cardboard box! It’s at least ten years old. It began life as a box for laundry tablets – but one January I decided to cover the sides with greeny-gold paper, and put a Christmas card on the lid. I covered the whole lot in self adhesive plastic to make it durable.  And for a decade or more, I have used it to store post-cards. I love sending cards and it is great to have a diverse store. DSCF0125

I have emptied the box and opened it out so you can see the colours and the picture on the lid – the curves and swirls of the river seem to match the curving angel's wing, and the little golden haired cherubs mirror the golden flecks in the water. But here is the box right way up – you can see what a mixture is stored in there.


I collect cards from anywhere and everywhere. I particularly like those free ‘boomerang’ ones you see on racks at the cinema. I pick up advertising ones. If I have a particularly attractive greetings card which I do not want to keep, I trim it to size on my guillotine and that goes into the box. It stays pretty full.

Some of the cards are pretty, some are witty, some are arty – some are just…cards! However, the box has been depleted of late – I have been diligently sending a card a day during Lent. This has been a good challenge, and many of the recipients have sent appreciative emails in response!

Part of the thrill is found in sharing it with others!


  1. Hi Angela.
    I'm lucky I sill have many small mementos from
    my youth, Two acorns with faces on, A pea size ball-bearing,
    lots of little things, all these triggers for recollection, and the family archives.

    Happy Days. Bye 4 now Stuart.

  2. We all seem to be attracted by the water in this poster, as all life needs water I'm wondering if we are all responding to an innate stimulus?
    I love your humble box, elevated to art work!
    Jane x

  3. Hi Angela.

    We have that picture on our wall just now - and I have very mixed feelings about it. To give more detail about it, it is a painting of Neidpath Castle - and I used to walk there regularly to get some time and space to think and pray. But that was in other times ....

  4. I love your box - it's interesting how many people have moved away from ornaments this month.


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