Thursday, 22 March 2012

One In Eight

One in eight people do not have access to safe water. In the developing world, on average, people walk 3.7 miles daily to collect water for their basic needs.

Thank you Lucy for the reminder that today is World Water Day. Lucy has put one video clip on her blog – here is another.

…because we are hungry

If you are in the UK today, you may have got involved in the ‘Moaning About The Budget’ conversations [which happen every year, whoever is in Government] and you may be feeling hard done by. I am truly sorry if you are badly affected.

But spare a thought for those who walk 1000miles a year to get the stuff you can obtain easily by turning on a tap in a nearby room.

And the one in eight who cannot find safe clean water to drink – or to give their babies

And the ten people who died from waterborne illness whilst you were watching that video clip.

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