Thursday, 22 March 2012

There Are Nine Million Bicycles In Beijing…

..but just one Penny Farthing outside my school


Yesterday, Tom was getting his bike ready for a ride when I got to school at 8am [this is not Tom, it is his friend]. He kindly let me take some pictures. Look at the rose detail just below the handlebars


The bike was made in the Czech Republic – and Tom requested  cream paintwork – he wanted to make it a 21st Century bike, not a black Victorian model! He mischievously rested the bike next to the Village Pump. The sign has been there a couple of days!


I think I preferred the previous finish to the pump’s paintwork! Fresh as paint, but it still won’t dispense water – although I notice that the top has been replaced since I photographed it last week.


Thank you Mr Pickering for letting me photograph your wondrous velocipede! It is a delightful machine, but I would still rather ride pillion on the Honda!

edit – Friday 23rd March – noticed this morning that the whole pump, including replaced dome on top, has been painted green and gold as before. Tuesday’s painting was obviously just the undercoat!


  1. I'm thinking you would be wise to wear protective head gear on the penny farthing..and perhaps a bit of body armour wouldn't go amiss!
    Jane x

  2. Maybe the painter is coming back later to do the gold bits.

  3. Love that velocipede and the old pump.

  4. I too prefer the old paint job.

    How in the world did people ever get down from those bicycles, short of falling over sideways?


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