Saturday, 3 March 2012

Put Out More Flags**

green_light_front_pageThe EcoHouse Project has sort of … multiplied. When I went the other Sunday for the Valentine’s Crafts, I met Katrin, a delightful German student, who is one of the volunteers organising the GreenLight Festival – Leicester’s ‘festival of sustainable living’. She was at the house, handstitching bunting for the event. I sat and sewed with her for a while and we chatted.

Last weekend, she rang and asked if I knew about making banners [“We need to make some, and we thought you might have an idea how to do it, because you know about sewing”] So I went down last Sunday afternoon, and gave the Team some ideas.

This week she emailed and thanked me – and asked if I knew how to make bunting quickly! And was I free on Sunday morning to come and show the team? But Sunday mornings are a bit busy round here!

So this morning I took some fabric, and cut out lots of triangles, and sewed about 50 feet of bunting. I used old fabric from the stash, and some navy cotton tape [no idea who gave me that] – I have a bag of it – I estimate there’s about 50 yards of it in there.



All that took less than two hours [I cut the edges with pinking shears on the fabrics that looked like they would fray badly] This wasn’t a great exercise in needlework proficiency- the remit was lots of bunting, fast. Here’s some draped on the door.

Then I  bundled up the bunting, spare triangles, and more fabric and I wrote a quick tutorial. Took that round to the EcoHouse with my apologies and came home for lunch.

After eating, I got smartened up in posh frock [had to make an effort, Bob had put on his best Daniel-Craig-suit] and we spent the afternoon at an Induction Service at Groby.

pit out more flagsBack home again now, out of frock and into casual clothes. I shall do some ironing, and then I plan to curl up on the sofa with my knitting and Inspector Montalbano.

**Having struggled to finish Crome Yellow back in January, I am not sure I shall bother to attempt this tome by Waugh.

If you click on the picture below, you can enlarge the bunting tutorial I made for Katrin



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