Monday, 12 March 2012

Darned Good!

When I was with Liz and Jon over half term, Liz gave me her M&S cashmere fingerless gloves, to see if I could fix them. They are warm and soft, and she has worn them and worn them…and worn them out!


There was considerable wear round the thumb slits, the ribbing was completely missing along one glove- and there were other random small holes. They were just tubes with a small slit in the seam – so I decided to think creatively.

I turned them round, and made new thumbholes at the other end, blanket stitching round the apertures** for strength. Then I darned all the other holes – including the original thumb slits – closed.

I hope they are OK for Liz now – they fit my hands anyway. Now to fix the considerably larger hole in Jon’s jeans.


** Isn’t aperture a lovely word? I learned it when I was in a school play at the age of 9. My friend had to read a newspaper report, and then say “What’s an aperture?” and my line was “It’s a hole silly!” But I remember nothing else at all about the play – just that word.


  1. I am impressed with the repair - you have inspired me to mend some of my own!
    I was in a play at school and the only thing I can remember is that I had to say "And she is really really old - she's 25!" And of course all the Moms and Dads guffawed and I just stood their utterly bewildered thinking what are they laughing at? Can't be what I said after all, 25 is old.

  2. Hi Angela, thank you so much for your welcome back comment I have been lurking but getting back into it now after a drought of inspiration. I love the job you've done on Liz's gloves and I know the continual repairing of men's jeans very well. Blessings Aurora x

  3. I'm impressed with your mending and loving your school joke. Isn't it funny what we remember?


  4. What a great way to lengthen the life of the mitts. "Aperture" is a lovely word. So is "cashmere", which sounds as soft as it is.

  5. They look great!! What a wonderful way to reuse something and save some $$! :)

  6. You've done a fab job! Lots more wear left in them now.


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