Friday 30 March 2012

Whoopie Do!

Last day of term – but due to Circumstances Beyond My Control I had to spend all day in school working with my SATS pupils, reinforcing their numeracy and literacy skills. All the other children had Picnics in the Park and Easter Egg Hunts.

With permission, I ‘themed’ the day. Today was officially


We spent the whole day doing loads of literacy and numeracy topics, all around the WP theme. We also ate some at morning break


I festooned our work area with bunting**


I cannot tell you how thrilled I was at the way my pupils worked- they really got their heads down and achieved lots. At the end of the day I gave them certificates showing how many WP Challenges they had completed, and also a box of WPs to take home as an Easter gift [I should stress, I only have four pupils in this set!]

DSCF3499I spent yesterday making about 50 WPs, to ensure I had plenty – colleagues had been intrigued by the WP idea, so I needed to take a plateful into the Staffroom.

I ran out of cooling racks – but repurposed a well washed wire filing tray to hold the last few WPs. These are the misshapen rejects which Bob and I will enjoy at some point [WPs freeze beautifully]


**one of the worksheets involved making bunting to hang round a WP stall at a Summer Fete, and included lots of problems about angles and isosceles triangles.

And now term is over. Hallelujah! Don’t bother trying to contact me this evening, I’ll be Officially Relaxing and Totally Incommunicado!


  1. You are always so inventive, what a brilliant idea. I'm sure they had as much fun as the others.

  2. You are the best teacher- come back next year when Matt hits The Big Test Year of PREPARATION and do this for us! I will be needing lots of Geometry!! I am sitting here with a sewing machine that is out for the first time since you were here making birthday bunting for PC! And drinking pink wine....

  3. Your whoopie pies look much more even than mine did - any tricks for how to encourage them in that way?

    1. I use a 1" ice-cream scoop to deposit neat blobs of mix on the baking sheet!
      It is brilliant for making evenly sized cakes and cookies

    2. Ah hah, will try that! Thanks :-)

  4. I have a whole book of whoopie pie recipes - received as a gift - which I have not been brave enough to delve into yet. Your WP's look wonderful so I feel inspired to try.

    (I am still reeling with the success of the impossible pie recipe you posted last year !!)


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