Monday, 26 March 2012

First BBQ Of The Season

Unexpectedly I did a day’s Supply Teaching today [I usually avoid Monday’s as it is our Day Off Together] So Bob went off to Derbyshire on the motorbike and had a great day riding around. He picked up some flash fry steaks whilst he was out, and suggested we had a BBQ this evening as the weather was so beautiful.


He cooked the steaks, and I put together a ‘layered salad’ from the stuff in the fridge [lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, celery, tomato, julienne carrot* and beetroot] It looked really pretty in my glass bowl.


I had already planned to have melon slices for dessert – but they got the full treatment as well with lemon slices and cherries!


Quick, easy and utterly delicious!

julienne*My Julienne Peeler, from Lakeland [years ago] is brilliant for making carrot strips to sprinkle in salads – very fast and very simple.

What do you serve with impromptu barbecues?


  1. Looks fab, it looks like we are all making the most of this nice weather.

  2. What a scrummy dinner to enjoy in this lovely weather. And I love the peeler, such a clever idea!!!
    x x

  3. what a cool gadget, we went out tonight xx

  4. I love the peeler- I usually grate carrot to go in our salad. I'm so looking forward to salad leaves. Ours are poking through the compost now! We had brunch outside yesterday, lunch outside today and I sat in the conservatory this evening doing some embroidery. The warmer weather and extra hour of daylight have already created a new rhythm to our days - and J has got his legs out in March!

  5. Lovely to have such weather.
    I like cucumber salsa, beetroot with balsamic dressing and chives...and a fresh baguette!

  6. Improtu barbecues are the best had one yesterday. Managed to find some burgers, sausages and bread rolls in the freezer. Had them with some salad, limpy lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and a red pepper roasted on the bbq. Glad you are enjoying the weather.x

  7. Like you, a salad with whatever's available. If you arrange it nicely that's half the battle.

  8. The dinner not only looks delicious, but quite pretty. Well done!


  9. Just to say that Lakeland no longer sell this particular julienne gadget, but they DO sell similar ones!


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