Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Buttons and Beads

I like ‘fun’ jewellery – inexpensive stuff, that won’t break my heart if it breaks or gets lost. And I love colourful stuff. The ‘mixed bead’ necklaces that are around at the minute are great, because the colours go with all the plain summer tee shirts in your wardrobe – and one necklace can improve a dozen different outfits. M&S and ASOS are currently offering these

m&s necklaceasos

I sorted out some beads from my tin – and a few vintage buttons as well, and threaded them on 36” of nylon beading thread. I have a necklace which I can wear long and dangly, or wear in a double loop in the neckline of a scoop neck tee. Another five minute freebie!



  1. I love beads! Lovely necklace.

  2. Love it - you have given me ideas :) Can I ask who ASOS is? Am I being dim? - I expect so.

  3. ASOS is an online fashion company - I think it stands for As Seen On [High] Street. Google them!

    Glad you like my necklace - currently being worn with green teeshirt!


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