Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Angela’s Country Life

mrs-fyttonI bought this book [Mrs Fytton’s Country Life, by Mavis Cheek] at the Scout Rummage Sale the other Saturday [eight books for a quid- not exactly extravagant]I was attracted by the cover design, and the blurb explaining how “a middle-aged woman called Angela went to live in the country”. I took it to Cornerstones to read at Half-Term. But it wasn’t my sort of book at all.The only thing I really liked about it was the cover!

But that is just my opinion – I found a much more positive review here – I suspect my copy – almost pristine- will go to charity soon!


  1. Interesting - I recently read "Amenable women" by Mavis Cheek and really enjoyed it - it's about one woman's fascination with Anna of Cleves. I haven't read this one. I will send you your quid plus postage if you want to pass it on.


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