Thursday, 8 March 2012

Commercial Break

In the past week or so, I have had quite a lot of emails and blog comments from companies wanting to advertise on my blog. I have declined them all. Then I noticed that the Top Blogs ranking [at the bottom of the page] has rated me at number 50 in the Religion-Belief category. Are these facts connected?

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How on earth have I come in as high as number 50? Particularly when other blogs which I consider much better written than mine are so much lower down the list.

It is quite bizarre.

I suspect the high ranking is the reason for these advertisers getting in touch. I also suspect that they haven’t actually read my blog. If they had, they would know that I am not in the habit of encouraging spending! I decided right at the beginning that I wouldn’t carry ads on the blog. I am not against recommending a good product when I find it – but only because I want to, not because I am being paid to do so. I’m not criticising friends who do generate income this way – it is my personal choice.

Years ago when Bob was at college, we lived in an area full of Yummy-Mummies who spent their time going from one ‘party’ to the next, buying Tupperware, jewellery, cosmetics, saucepans, etc. I’d meet them as we waited outside Playgroup and they would invite me along. I would immediately say ‘Thanks, but I cannot afford it, Bob’s a student, and I have no spare money’ They generously replied ‘Come along anyway for coffee and cake, you needn’t buy anything’ And sometimes I went, and enjoyed the company.

‘Ang, you should host parties- the hostess always gets great gifts’ some of them said. But I couldn’t do it – I didn’t want to encourage them to buy more plastic boxes they didn’t really need.

Just before we left I did invite them all to a party though – my friend came and did a Traidcraft event. The YMs couldn’t believe it when she said I didn’t get a ‘hostess gift’ – and were even more amazed when I said that Margaret did this as an unpaid volunteer.

no adsWHY? they asked. So Margaret and I explained that we just wanted to help other people less fortunate, and we believed in Fair Trade and justice.

I still feel like that. You are welcome to drop in for a cuppa anytime – but I shan’t try to sell you anything – but don’t be surprised if I do talk about the free gift of God’s love!

btw – thank you to all of you who have contributed to my high ranking, and continue to leave such great comments on my posts.

I continue to be amazed by it all.


  1. I much prefer the free gifts of God's love to any thing that can be bought xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I struggle with that dichotomy - I want to encourage frugality, but then I publish free patterns which encouraging spending money on yarn (and to make things worse I succumb to the temptation to buy more yarn myself). When I started blogging I was very open to the idea of advertising (on my blog), but now I'm not comfortable with it - the verse "Freely you have received, freely give," comes to mind. I don't mind if others have ads on their blogs; I just can't bring myself to do it. Perhaps that will change someday - I don't know. I do know that a blog without ads is a peaceful place to visit - so thanks for keeping yours ad-free!

  3. I think the reason your blog is popular is that it is always very positive and cheerful and that the rants are generally about big corporations like Tesco or poor grammar. Unlike some blogs I read there are rarely any personal attacks on people whose views you dislike or don't share.

  4. I'd say you are in the top 50 because you blog on a very regular basis and in a way that people can relate to. You present the gospel in an accessible way that actually means something and you talk about how we can live it out, from your own experience. You are authentic and relevant.


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